Trifold Wedding Invitations

Trifold Wedding Invitations

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Invitations by Dawn offers a beautiful selection of trifold wedding invitations. You can choose from our original collection of one-sided trifolds or our most recent additions of two-sided trifolds. The selection is beautiful with a variety of modern to classic designs and most feature at least one if not two or three photos. There are so many great reasons to choose a trifold but here are the three things we love most!

1. Spacious

Trifolds have plenty of room for your wedding details and photos. Everything is beautifully spaced to draw attention where you want it and avoid any overcrowding issues, which allows you and recipients to really admire the fabulous design.

2. Unique

Trifolds make unique wedding invitations that friends and family will love! The multi-panel design can be hung on the refrigerator or displayed on a fireplace mantel. The quality is incredible so chances are, your wedding guests will display these invites all year as a modern photo feature in their homes.

3. Efficient

Trifolds are cleverly designed around efficient use of space. You can add your wedding wording as well as other important wedding details, which allows you to skip ordering other enclosures like reception cards and accommodation cards.

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