Prairie Floral - Seal and Send Invitation
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Prairie Floral Seal and Send Invitation
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Prairie Floral - Seal and Send Invitation

Item Number: DW33747DTNFCS

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Description and Details

A stylized depiction of country living with beauty and charm that will captivate your wedding guests. The floral design featured on this kraft-colored, seal and send wedding invitation is printed in your choice of colors. Your wording is printed in your choice of colors and fonts. Seal and send invitations feature a perforated response card printed with your return address on one side and your response wording on the other. Guests fill out the card, remove it and return it to you (be sure to place a stamp on the card for guests' convenience). The price includes printing your wording inside and your return address on the outside flap. Clear round seals are included.

Most wedding invitation designs in the David Tutera collection are available as invitation cards, pocket invitations and seal and send invitations. View all options and find the style that best suits your wedding budget and needs.

  • Price Includes: Invitations, Detachable Response Postcards, Clear Seals
  • Product Collection: David Tutera Wedding Invitations
  • Size: 5 5/8" x 4" folded, 5 5/8" x 13" open
  • Card Type: Self-Mailer
  • Paper Weight: Paper Options Available
  • Printing Method: Flat/Digital
  • Ink Color(s) Shown: Butter and White
  • Font(s) Shown: Carolyna (CPK), Copperplate Gothic 29ab (CPP)
  • Wording Shown: Invitation Verse W9, Reception Verse R7, Response Verse E74
  • Personalization Options: Your choice of ink color, foil color, fonts and wording.
  • Assembly: Some Assembly Required
  • Recipient Addressing: Please contact customer service at 1-800-257-9567 to learn more about addressing services.
  • Discount Exclusions: None
  • Please Note: Envelopes are not needed for Seal 'n Send Invitations but may be purchased to ensure optimal condition when mailing.


Review Summary
(Based on 9 Reviews)

Overall Rating: 4.5 / 5.0


Just what we wanted!
Happy Bride from OH wrote on July 31, 2015:

I loved these invitations. They were exactly what I was looking for. Cute, simple and very easy to put together. We have had no issues with the RSVP's but we did upgrade to a higher stock paper. These invites came incredibly fast! Which was good for us, because we may have procrastinated a little on getting out invites. :)

Exactly what I was looking for!
Katie from TN wrote on June 17, 2015:

A seal and send invite was exactly what I wanted. I just think that there is so much paper wasted with wedding invites all to end up in the trash my the majority of the guests. This was adorable, eco friendly, and it felt unique and elegant at the same time. The affordability is allowing me to get a handwriter! Wish they could have done a custom sample, but I was really happy with the product and I'm excited to send them to my guests.

Review on Prairie Floral - Trinidad
duracelle from Trinidad wrote on September 30, 2014:

I liked that the product was customizable and easy to design instead of having to find a graphic artist to design and print locally in Trinidad and Tobago. I tried to request a sample beforehand but never received it but because I was short on time I ordered it anyways. Regardless I was pleased with the quality of paper I happened to select. My only disappointment was that I thought the product was a bit smaller, so I chose font sizes based on my impression that this was a small invitation, however when I received it and realised it was actually bigger than I expected, I regretted how big my font selections were so that gave me a ta bit of buyer's remorse. All in all I was pleased with the quality of the invitations. The delivery however I would discuss my complaints in that section. I was very disappointed with your delivery at first because I am based in the Caribbean so I had the invitations shipped to my Skybox only to discover someone else's invitations were delivered to me - completely different, however the person's name also starts with D and maybe there was a mix up because someone wasn't paying attention. However, the level of service to correct this action was really appreciate and commendable. I reported the issue and one day later I got a response from someone named Jena who was very willing to work with me and got my invitations reprinted and delivered the very next day. I then of course received them in Trinidad a few days later - very pleased. I am awaiting feedback on the reimbursement on my shipping fees due the inconvenience caused but I am sure they would refund me the cost incurred for their mistake.

Simply Awesome!
DIY Bride from Canada wrote on September 10, 2014:

The colours on them are so vibrant! I loved not having to lick a million envelopes. All I had to do was fold, put stamps on and put the seal on then write the address. No envelope stuffing or fussy little cards. It was so easy, I had all of mine addressed in one night! I had so many compliments on them for being so beautiful, unique and environmentally friendly. People loved the idea of just detaching the response card and tossing them in the mail.

Excellent customer service
KC from OH wrote on August 08, 2014:

Great experience. When the color did not come out as I thought, they worked with me to correct the issue and it was done via email which is great for me when it's difficult to find time to call during the day! I love my finished product and would definitely recommend to any bride!

Loved the invitation and simplicity, but the product was underwhelming
Michelle from IL wrote on July 29, 2014:

I really loved the invitation and all of our guests seemed to love them as well. It saved us a lot of money in the end by having our invitations come as one piece and not several pages. The only downside was that at least 20 of our invitations had HUGE streaks through them from the printing process. I was told that there may be a few extra included and there were not, so luckily, I sent the ones with large streaks to immediate family members and they didn't mind. I, however, was very displeased that they came in this way. I would've expected that they would be inspected before being shipped out, but they definitely were not or someone would have noticed such a large amount where you couldn't even read some of the font because of these streaks. With that said, I loved the convenience and the design, but I was displeased with the overall product for that reason.

Beautiful Invitations, but incredibly frustrating service
sschut from Canada wrote on June 17, 2014:

I liked the way the final product turned out, it's ease of use and their functionality. I was so disappointed with the service I received. Upon placing my order, I was hoping that the first proof I received would be great (since the invites were pretty much exactly as we wanted them to be upon submitting our order, save for font size discrepancy throughout the invitation). The first proof had not reflected my first request (to have the font size consistent throughout the invitation), and then we went back and for NUMEROUS times to get it correct (as each time the first mistake was corrected, a new one would be made). When the proof was finally right, I received my invitations in the mail, only to be met with a very unexpected Duty charge (of approx $100). Was shocked to receive this! Should be very clear in the shipping costs up front upon ordering. Once I paid this charge, I brought the invitations inside, eager to open them, only to be met with a huge disappointment again - all 84 of my invitations were addressed to the same one address (even though we paid to have each individually addressed). I finally did receive the correct invitations, each addressed correctly, but boy it sure was a hassle. I would never recommend Invitations by Dawn to anyone looking for a straight-forward, reliable service. I spoke with customer service representatives on a few different occasions, and except for the one (Janna) who fixed the fiasco after I got the first order, they were all pretty rude and unhelpful. It's a good thing I ordered the invitations when I did, because if I had of waited much longer they wouldn't have gone out on time. I'm very thankful that the rest of my wedding planning experience has gone more smoothly than this did.

good for us
Floral from PA wrote on May 21, 2014:

These invites were good for our small wedding of around 45 people. All that was needed was right there in one mailing. No mess with extra envelopes. Received plenty of compliments on these. These fit with our floral theme of our wedding. Wish I would have chosen a darker shade for the printed words so that people can read it better. We were pleased with this product. Arrived in a week's time. No problems here.

Nikki M. from MI wrote on April 29, 2014:

I ordered these out of frustration after trying to DIY my own wedding invitations. These were simple and I loved the design and simplicity. I was worried after I ordered them that they would not be good quality and I would be back at step 1 but when I opened the box I immediately loved them! The paper is thick, but very easy to fold. I would definitely recommend them to others!