Premium Wedding Invitations: Luxury Wedding Invitations

Premium Wedding Invitations: Luxury Wedding Invitations

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Our luxury wedding invitations are top of the line, and we've gathered them all in one place so you can shop your heart out! This collection of exclusive wedding invitations is the culmination of 35 years of experience in the wedding invitation printing industry. So if you're looking for fancy wedding invitations, you've come to the right place. We've perfected a number of specialty printing processes and we offer a variety of luxury invitation design featuring beautiful embellishments like satin ribbon, rhinestone brooches, elegant pockets and creative wraps with high quality wedding cards.

What are a few of the more common specialty print processes used on luxury wedding invitations? Let's review a few!

Letterpress wedding invitations begin as digital designs, which are sent to film as a negative and then exposed to a plate. The plate is pressed to top-quality paper creating a heavily impressed design and wording. This is one of the most luxurious print processes available at Dawn.

Foil stamping
Foil stamping is a process of printing that uses real foil in a variety of colors. A die is created and pressed against foil. Heat and pressure are then applied to transfer the foiled design and/or wording onto the sheet of paper, resulting in a shimmering and beautiful end product.

Laser Cutting
State-of-the-art laser beams cut beautifully intricate designs into paper. The computer's precise movements result in stunning and flawless designs you won't find with any other print or finishing technique.

The process of using heat and pressure to reshape the surface of paper and create an image or design that’s raised above the paper is known as embossing. Recipients can see and feel this beautiful print method.

Learn more about our print methods.

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