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A Note to Our Customers:
We're excited to announce that Invitations by Dawn will merge with our sister site, Ann's Bridal Bargains, on December 12th.
While our product assortment will change, our customer service team will continue to support Invitations by Dawn customers.
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How to Word Your Wedding Programs

It’s time to create you wedding program, which means your wedding must be coming right up – congratulations! If you’re looking for some help wording your program, you’ve come to the right place.

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Let’s start with a checklist of details that can be included in your wedding program. Since every ceremony is different, you may not check off every item on this checklist. Your wedding program wording is going to depend entirely on your style of service and the elements you decide to include.

The Wedding Program Checklist

Here’s everything you should consider adding to your ceremony program:

Section One: Introduction

The Couple’s Name
Wedding Date
Ceremony Venue

A real-life example of this section:

The ceremony of
Madison Johnson & Jack Hendrickson
September 22nd, 2025
Dripping Springs, Texas

Section Two: Order of Ceremony

Prelude – This is the music played while guests are being seated. You may choose to list the song title, composer and the musician playing the piece (if applicable)

Processional – The music played while the wedding party walks down the aisle. Traditionally, the bride follows.

Opening Greeting – Usually spoken by the ceremony’s officiant.

Readings – If you’re having any special readings during your ceremony, such as poems or bible verses, they typically go here.

Wedding Message – Your officiant will often give a message honoring the couple.

Exchange of Vows – Say we do and exchange rings!

Unity Ceremony – If you’re adding a unity ceremony, such as candle lighting, place it after your vows.

Presentation of the Couple – The couple kisses and the officiant announces the couple as husband and wife. Cue the cheers!

Recessional – The music played while the bride, groom and wedding party walks back down the aisle.

Here’s an example of what this section might look like:

Processional: “Can’t help falling in love”
Special Reading by Sam Forst: “I carry your heart with me”
Wedding Message
Vows and Ring Exchange
Blessing of the Hands
We Kiss!
Recessional: “All you need is love”

Section Three: Participants

The members of your wedding party, along with other special family members and ceremony participants, can be listed on your wedding program too. Here’s a list of everyone you can include:

Parents of the Couple – If you choose to include your parents, list each set separately.

Officiant – Include the first and last name of the person presiding over the ceremony. If relevant, include titles such as Father, Pastor, Reverend, Judge, etc.

Wedding Party – List each member of your wedding party, such as the Maid of Honor, Best Man, Bridesmaids and Groomsmen. It’s also fun to list how you know each member of your party.

Flower Girls and/or Ring Bearers – If you have littles in your wedding, make sure to include them!

Personal Attendant(s) – Be sure and honor your personal attendants, if you have one (or two!).

Ushers – Lastly, list your ushers on your program too!

And here’s an example of how to word this part of your wedding program:

Parents of the Bride:
Julianna and Mark Johnson

Parents of the Groom:
Maxine and John Hendrickson

Reverend Steven Granze

Maid of Honor:
Katie Miller, best friend of the bride since 1994!

Best Man:
Henry Hendrickson, brother of the groom (and best bud)

Hannah Jacobs, cousin and forever confidant of the bride
Meghan Hendrickson, bride’s soon-to-be favorite sister-in-law

Sawyer Saint, groom’s childhood friend and fellow troublemaker
Maxwell Miller, groom’s brother from another mother

Flower Girls:
Lucy and Madelyn Miller, nieces of the brides

Ring Bearer:
Wilder Miller, nephew of the groom

Personal Attendant:
Marie Nessler, forever friend, and camp bunkmate, of the bride

Shane and Peter Smith, the bride’s funniest, most-entertaining cousins

Section Four: Additional Messages

Your wedding program is a perfect place to add two more piece of information:

Message of Appreciation: And a few heartfelt words of appreciation from you to your wedding guests.

Message Honoring the Deceased: Some couples choose to honor those who have passes away through a meaningful message.

Wondering how to word these messages? Here’s an example:

Thank You
To our dearest family and friends,
thank you for all your support and
love, today, and always

In Memory
The flowers on our alter are dedicated
to Jack’s grandmother, Helen and
Madison’s friend Samantha. We carry your
memory in our hearts and feel your love.

Now let’s go through a few examples of how to word your wedding programs. We’ve divided our examples into three categories. The examples in each category are all a little different so be sure to look at each one closely. Pick the category you like best and use the examples as a guide for writing your own program wording.

Simple Wedding Program Wording Example

The ceremony of
Madision & Jack

“Can’t Help Falling in Love”


Wedding Message

Special Reading
Uncle Steve

Vows and Ring Exchange


“You’re My Best Friend”

Traditional Wedding Program Wording Example

A Marriage Celebration
Madison Johnson & Jack Hendrickson
September 22nd, 2025


Seating of Guests

“Canon in D” (Pachelbel)

Welcome and Opening Prayer

First Reading
Ecclesiastes 4: 9-12
Read by Steven Johnson, Uncle of Bride

Second Reading
1 John 4: 7-12
Read by Renee Simonson, Aunt of Groom

Wedding Message
1 Corinthians 13: 4-8a

Exchange of Wedding Vows

Blessing and Exchange of the Rings

Unity Ceremony

Final Blessing

“Ode to Joy” (Beethoven)

Thank You
To our dearest family and friends.
We appreciate your support and love
as we begin our journey.

Fun Wedding Program Wording Example

Welcome to the Best Day Ever!
Madison & Jack

Seating of the Parents

Groom Waits Anxiously

Lovely Ladies Hit the Aisle

Little Humans Steal Your Heart

Here Comes the Bride

Special Reading

Exchange of Vows

Exchange of Rings



The After Party
Put on your dancing shoes, and head
to the Morgan Tap Room!
We’ll see ya there!

We hope you found these ceremony program wording examples helpful. If you have questions as your personalize your wedding stationery, we’re here to help.

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