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Who receives a save the date

Stick to the A list for your save the dates! Save the dates are for the people you want to make sure will be at your wedding. We’re talking close family and friends. You might think your guest list will only include close family and friends but more than likely it will extend beyond that circle. Besides, limiting the amount of save the dates you send will save you money. As always, there are exceptions to every rule. If you’re planning a destination wedding, all of your wedding guests should receive save the dates, and they should be sent up to a year in advance.

However, for most weddings you’ll want to get your save the dates sent out six to nine months before the big day. You don’t have to know all the wedding details to do so. Save the dates should include your names, wedding date and the city in which your wedding will take place. That’s it! Oh, and don’t worry about your save the dates matching your wedding invitations. Save the dates can be as formal, casual or crazy as you want. Get creative!

Who receives a save the date
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