When to Send B-List Wedding Invitations

Although we aren’t proponents of sending B-list wedding invitations, we understand that it makes sense for some couples. We suggest avoiding it simply because if done improperly, it can definitely cause some hurt feelings. If you decide to go ahead with sending B-list wedding invitations, here are some tips to help you do it right.

When to Send B-List Wedding Invitations

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1. When ordering your wedding invitations, you will need to order a second set of reply cards to send with your B-list invitations. Your A list will receive response cards with an earlier respond date so you can receive regrets in time to send your B-list invites.

2. Send your A-list invitations 12 weeks before your wedding date. This might be quite a bit earlier than you had planned but you will need to start getting responses early so you can send B-list invites and give those recipients enough time to respond.

3. When you receive enough regrets, start sending your B-list invitations. These should be sent 6-8 weeks prior to the wedding date. Send these invitations in order of importance because it’s likely you won’t get enough regrets to invite your entire B list.

TIP: Always be cautious when inviting people verbally to your wedding, especially in the early stages of your engagement. It’s tempting to invite coworkers and friends before you’ve put a guest list together but it’s best not to tell anyone except essential people until after the guest list is finalized.

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