Wedding Stationery Wording Ideas


How to Word Your Wedding Invitations

Congratulations on finding the right wedding invitations for your fabulous day! We can only assume that’s why you’re on the hunt for the perfect wedding invitation wording. We’ve got some great options… read more

How to Word a Formal Wedding Invitation

Honor vs. honour? Whose name goes first? Where are the commas and periods? These are just a few of the questions you might have while personalizing… read more

Christmas Wedding Invitation Wording

The holiday season is a wonderful time of year to get married. Friends and family have joy in their hearts and are ready to celebrate. Plus you get to take advantage… read more


Adults Only Wedding Invitation Wording

Communicating an “adults only” wedding ceremony and reception is less about wording your wedding invitations and more about addressing them properly… read more

Reception Only Invitation Wording

An intimate wedding ceremony is oh-so-romantic and the perfect way for your closest friends and family to witness such a meaningful moment. Whether you’re planning a small destination wedding… read more

Wedding Dance Only Invitation Wording

Inviting all of your friends and family to your wedding reception may not be possible due to wedding budget constraints. Therefore, some couples are choosing to invite people to the… read more


How do I Chose an RSVP Date?

According to wedding RSVP etiquette, the respond by date on your wedding response cards should be 2-4 weeks before the wedding date. You will want to check with your wedding venue… read more

How do I Create a Bi-Lingual Wedding Invitation?

Last year we were happy to release La Colección Celebración, which is the Invitations by Dawn line of bilingual wedding invitations. We’ve found Spanish/English wedding… read more

What Shouldn’t I Say on my Wedding Invitation?

Many things about the modern day wedding celebration have changed and evolved over the years. Even wedding invitation wording has become more casual but there are still a few rules of etiquette… read more

How Do I List a Dress Code on My Invitation?

Today’s weddings are just as much a celebration of the couple as the vows themselves, which means every wedding is a unique representation of style and personality. The wedding dress code will follow suit… read more


Unique Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas

The design of your wedding invitations isn’t the only thing that will capture the attention of your guests. You want the wording to be just as unique and beautiful. We’ve gathered some… read more

Destination Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas

When you’re having a wedding in paradise (Paris, Cancun, Las Vegas, or any destination away from home), it’s important to let guests know all the details. Make sure your… read more

Fairy Tale Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas

A fairy tale romance like yours deserves a wedding invitation that celebrates your love story. The design and wording you choose for your fairy tale wedding invitationsis what tells your… read more

Romantic Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas

Weddings are meant to be romantic, so find wording that represents the two of you or write your own wording in hopes to capture that special something that makes your relationship so unique… read more

Sports-Themed Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas

Whether your sport is baseball, golf, hockey or soccer, it’s a big part of your life and it deserves to be a part of your big day. Out wedding invitation wording for sports lovers captures your excitement to be married… read more

Western Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas

Western wedding invitation wording can be as simple or as creative as you want. The main goal is to stir up some excitement for your big shindig! So put those creative writing skills to work or find an existing… read more

Seasonal Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas

What better way to celebrate your wedding than during your favorite season? Set the stage for your wedding celebration with seasonal wedding invitations that highlight the beauty of your… read more


How to Word Your RSVP Cards

The wedding rsvp wording is just one of several components that make up your invitation ensemble but it’s a very important piece. Make sure you have a place for guests to write their names and the… read more

How to Word Your Wedding Programs

The wedding program is meant to tell guests a little about your wedding party, the order of the service and any fun details you'd like to add (like how you and your maid of honor have been… read more

How to Word Bridal Shower Invitations

Wording the bridal shower invitations is simple. You can be as formal or as casual as you like depending on the style of shower you’re hosting, just remember to have all the important details: who, what, where… read more

How to Word Anniversary Party Invitations

Anniversary invitations have come a long way as far as design and style! No doubt you are finding plenty of options that not only reflect your lasting love for each other but also your character… read more

How to Word Your Wedding Announcements

It’s sad, but it’s the truth: you just can’t invite everybody to your wedding. Maybe you had a small destination wedding, an intimate elopement or maybe your families are… read more

How to Word Your Wedding Programs

Let's start with a checklist of details that can be included in your wedding program. Since every ceremony is different, you may not check off every item on this checklist… read more


Save the Date Wording Ideas

Sending save the dates is the single best decision you could make for ensuring a great turnout at your wedding. Plus, save the dates are easy! You only need to know a few details before… read more

Unique Save the Date Wording Ideas

Creating unique save the dates is just as much about choosing the right wording as it is about the design. You can find a simple save the date with fun wording or a wild save the date… read more

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Shopping for wedding invitations is both exciting and intimidating. The invitations are a crucial part of any wedding, introducing your style and theme as well as communicating all the important details. Browse through these wedding stationery tips before purchasing your invitations, and make sure you’re choosing the right wedding invites to fit your style, budget and needs.

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