Table Cards, Escort Cards and Place Cards Explained

Are you choosing to have a seating arrangement at your wedding reception? If you said yes, that’s a great choice! If you said no, that’s perfectly fine, too. There and pros and cons to both but if you’re creating a seating arrangement, you will need to choose a method for sharing this information with your wedding guests. That’s where escort cards, place cards and table number cards come in. Think of these items as a three-step process for quickly and easily helping your wedding guests to their seats.

Wedding Seating Arrangement
  • Step 1. Where am I sitting?
  • Escort cards feature the guest’s first and last name as well as the table number where he/she will be seated. Escort cards are typically located at the entrance of the reception.
  • Step 2. Where is my table?
  • Table number cards allow the guest to quickly and easily find the table listed on his/her escort card. These cards are located at the center of each table.
  • Step 3. Where is my seat?
  • Place cards feature the guest’s first and last name, and they are set out next to each place setting so the guest knows exactly where to sit at the reception table.

Some couples choose to use all three items (especially when offering multiple meal options because the place card is often used to indicate a guest’s meal choice). Some couples may only use escort cards and table number cards, allowing guests to sit wherever they like once they find the right table. There are lots of ways to guide guests to their seats and even more ways to display these details at the wedding. The trick is to find the right method for your wedding style. Many couples find escort cards, place cards and table number cards to be very helpful.

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