Can I Un-Invite a Wedding Guest

Traditional wedding etiquette states you should not take back an invitation even if it was just a verbal invitation. However, there are always exceptions.

How to Un-Invite a Wedding Guest

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Reasons For Un-Inviting a Wedding Guest

  1. The guest has greatly offended you and/or your fiancé.
  2. You think the guest will ruin the overall happiness and joy of the occasion.
  3. You underestimated the size of the venue and have to cut back on guests.
  4. Due to unforeseen circumstances (hello, global pandemic), you’re changing the date, location or size of your wedding.

How to Politely Un-Invite a Wedding Guest

  1. Resist the Urge to Text or Email the Guest

    Unless the person has completely offended you and you have no desire to retain any kind of healthy relationship, do not share this news by text or email.

  2. Talk to the Guest in Person or by Phone

    We know it's hard but the guest will appreciate the time you've taken to speak to them and they'll see your sincerity. This is important.

  3. Be Honest About Your Reason

    You're not doing anyone any favors by lying. The last thing you want is to make a bad situation worse by being caught in a lie.

We hope this advice helps you create you navigate a tricky situation. If you have any additional questions about wedding etiquette, our experts are here to help.

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