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Tent Favor Box Assembly

Flap Patterned Favor Boxes Step 1

Step 1:

open the flattened box into a rectangle and remove slits from pre-punched holes. press the score line on each side inward.

Flap Patterned Favor Boxes Step 2

Step 2:

fold the side flaps on the bottom inward, then fold the large flap over and tuck it into the side of the favor box.

Flap Patterned Favor Boxes Step 3

Step 3:

place the favor box upright so the opening is facing you. fold the lid over and line up the pre-punched holes.

Flap Patterned Favor Boxes Step 4

Step 4:

thread ribbon through the right front hole and wrap it around the back, then thread it toward you through the left front hole so both ribbon ends face you.

Flap Patterned Favor Boxes Step 5

Step 5:

tie the ribbon into a knot.

Tent-style favor boxes are truly elegant wedding favors. Fill them with your choice of treat and tie them closed with a pretty bow. Creating unique wedding favors is just that simple!