Second Wedding Invitation Wording

Second wedding invitation wording might seem like a tricky subject but it can be quite simple. In fact, the wording used for a second wedding doesn’t have to be any different than a first wedding.

Second Wedding Invitation Wording

Here’s an example of simple invitation wording for your second wedding:

Maria Valerie Barrington
Anthony Francis Preston
request the honor of your presence
at their marriage
on May 21, 2016
at 5:00 p.m.
1045 Halloway Drive
Mankato, Minnesota

Having the names first allows you to begin the wording with a more stylized look, but you can also flip the wording around to say:

The honor of your presence
is requested
at the marriage of…

Perhaps you would like to include names of children in the wedding invitation wording. List the bride’s children first (oldest to youngest), then the groom’s children (oldest to youngest). Spouses of children are also listed.

Invitation from Married Children:
Brian and Cathy Barrington
Lillian and William Johnson
Phillip Preston
request the honor of your presence
at the marriage of their parents
Maria Valerie Barrington
Anthony Francis Preston
on Saturday, May twenty-first
two thousand sixteen
at five o’clock in the evening
1045 Halloway Drive
& Mankato, Minnesota

Invitation from Unmarried Children:
Jay Livingston
Serena Thomas
Dan Thomas
request the honor of your
presence at the marriage of their parents

Susan F. Leathers
Mitchell R. Thomas
on Saturday, the twenty-first of May
two thousand sixteen
at eleven o’clock in the morning
Wood Falls Club
12 Woodtree Lane
Wood Falls, Indiana

Although we often recommend keeping your wording simple, we realize some couples want to call out the fortune of getting this second chance on their wedding invitations. Here are some wording options we like for this purpose:

Romantic Wording Example #1:
All that I am,
All that I have been,
All that I will ever be...
I offer now to you
Please join us in celebrating
new love, new dreams, a new future
as we exchange marriage vows
on Saturday, the eleventh of June
two thousand sixteen
at four o’clock in the afternoon
Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities
6901 Wadsworth Boulevard
Arvada, Colorado
Sarah Melia Kinghorn
Ian Thomas McMadden

Romantic Wording Example #2:
G & H
Some people touch us for a moment,
and some for a season
...and some remain with us for a lifetime.

In each other, we have found the one
with whom we will spend the rest of our lives
loving, honoring and cherishing.
Please join us in celebrating
as we exchange marriage vows
on Saturday, June 25, 2016
at 4:00 p.m.
McHenry Mansion
906 15th Street
Modesto, California
Gabrielle Robinson
Harrison Wygal

If you would prefer more formal wording, you can modify the wording examples above to include titles in front of the names, and to spell out all words except house/building numbers. (The bride can choose to use Mrs. or Ms. — whatever she’s comfortable with.)

Have you decided to write your own vow renewal invitation wording? You definitely should! This is such a meaningful milestone in your lives and writing your own wording is a beautiful way to honor it. You can personalize most of our vow renewal invitations with your own wording. Start personalizing your favorite design and see what you come up with! Want to learn more about planning your vow renewal ceremony? Read Vow Renewal Etiquette Tips.

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