Reception Only Invitation Wording

An intimate wedding ceremony is oh-so-romantic and the perfect way for your closest friends and family to witness such a meaningful moment. Whether you’re planning a small destination wedding or a private ceremony near home, chances are you want to host a larger celebration afterwards.

There is nothing fancy or tricky about reception only invitation wording. It’s just a slightly modified version of traditional wedding invitation wording. For example, if a couple is planning a destination wedding and at-home reception, they might choose invitation wording that sounds something like this…

Mike and Hailey are happy to announce
their marriage that took place in a private ceremony
on Wednesday, the ninth of November
two thousand sixteen
in Los Cabos, Mexico
Please celebrate with them at a reception
on Saturday, the twenty-second of November
two thousand sixteen
at six o'clock in the evening
Shoreview Golf Club
1000 Red Fox Road
Shoreview, Minnesota 55126

Couples planning a private ceremony with just a few friends and family might choose invitation wording that sounds similar to this…

John and Janice Belleview
Mary and Richard Branson
celebrate with their children
Anne Brittany
Jonathon Douglass
as they marry during a private ceremony
on Saturday, the fifth of November
two thousand sixteen
Join us for a wedding reception
following the ceremony

Reception Only Invitation Wording

When you order wedding invitations and reception cards, try your hand at writing your own reception only invitation wording. You can write it as formal or as casual as you like.

Helpful Tip: Instead of ordering two sets of wedding invitations — one for ceremony guests and one for reception guests — consider sending wedding invitations to invite everyone to the reception but add a ceremony card for guests invited to the ceremony. A ceremony card is just a slightly modified version of a reception card.

Please join us for an intimate ceremony
at three o’clock in the afternoon
Hotel Grand
8456 Fourth Street
Kingston, Illinois