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Pop-Up Favor Box Assembly

Pop-Up Favor Boxes Step 1

Step 1:

open the flattened box to form the beginning of a square.

Pop-Up Favor Boxes Step 2

Step 2:

fold the two side flaps inward to form the bottom of the favor box.

Pop-Up Favor Boxes Step 3

Step 3:

fold the large bottom flap over the two small flaps and tuck the tab into the side.

Pop-Up Favor Boxes Step 4

Step 4:

place the favor box upright so the opening is facing you and tuck the two side flaps inward so the designs meet in the middle.

Pop-Up Favor Boxes Step 5

Step 5:

fold the lid over so the design slides through the opening on top.

Pop-Up Favor Boxes Step 6

Step 6:

tuck the tab into the side of the favor box.

Pop-up favor boxes are an easy way to create unique wedding favors for your wedding. Pop-up designs will get attention and entice any guest to see what kind of treats you've hidden inside.