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3 Tips for Choosing Fonts

3 Tips for Choosing Fonts + Designer Picks.

3 Tips for Choosing Fonts + Designer Picks

  • 1. Choose 1-2 Fonts
  • Choosing just one or two of the many beautiful fonts available can be pretty hard but more than two fonts often looks jumbled and messy. Of course, there is an exception to every rule and the exception here would be typography wedding invitations. Typography designs are built on font variety but we suggest leaving this to the experts. If you’re a designer, by all means design away but if you’re not, check out our collection of typography wedding invitations to find the perfect look.
  • 2. Choose an Accent Font
  • An accent font allows you to choose a really pretty font (such as script fonts) to highlight important details like your names. Choose a block font or something a little plainer for the rest of your wording to ensure that everything is clean and readable.
  • 3. Consider Your Wedding Style
  • Certain fonts match certain wedding styles beautifully. A Boho wedding needs a little flair in the wording, which can be achieved through a variety of modern day script fonts. A casual wedding in the park might call for something a little less flashy and more minimalist such as block fonts. Take a look at the all the fonts available and choose the font that speaks to your wedding style.
Designer Picks for Script and Block Fonts
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