How to Choose the Right Wedding Invitation Fonts

Most people fall into one of two categories when it comes to fonts: those who care too much and those who care too little. If you care too much, you might stress over selecting the perfect fonts that give you just the right look. If you care too little, you may not realize the impact a font can have on your wedding invitation design.

Our design team is passionate when it comes to fonts. A few of us might even be a little obsessed. Our focus on fonts helps you make the right decision when trying to achieve just the right look for your design.

Here are our very favorite fonts, and font combinations, based on popular wedding styles.

Wedding Style: Traditional Elegance

Font Choice: Splendid Script (SDS)
A truly elegant choice with dramatic swoops and graceful lines, Splendid Script looks fabulous as the sole font for a classic look.

Featured Invitation: Supreme Tradition Invitation

Supreme Tradition - Invitation

Wedding Style: Modern Minimalist

Font Choice: Favorite Serif Font: Serlio (SRO)
Strong in stature and crisp in appearance, this all-caps font is a huge favorite among designers and a great choice as your one and only font.

Featured Invitation: Modern Minimalist Letterpress Invitation

Modern Minimalist Letterpress Invitation

Wedding Style: Vintage Charm

Font Choice: Sackers Antique Roman (SAR) and Bellucia (BIA)
A simple serif font with elongated lines and small defined curves sets the stage for a show-stopping script font inspired by the art of calligraphy.

Featured Invitation: Gold Trim Invitation

Gold Trim Invitation

Wedding Style: Classic Meets Modern

Font Choice: Alegreya Sans SC Light (ASLSC) and Bombshell (BPR)
A serif font that’s wide set and clean in appearance is clearly a great choice for complementing a solid gem of a font, Bombshell, featuring funky arches and genuine strokes.

Featured Invitation: Splendid Elegance Vellum Invitation

Splendid Elegance Vellum Invitation

Happy creating, brides and grooms! If you’re stuck and need help as your design your custom wedding invitation, our team is here to help and ready to lend advice to make the process a breeze.

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