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Wedding Cancellations and Postponements

Although incredibly unfortunate, wedding cancellations do happen. Some cancellations may only be temporary while others are unfortunately permanent. Whether you’re postponing your wedding or canceling it, letting guests know is top priority. The best way to let everyone know is to send out wedding cancellation notifications.

Choose a simple card – reception cards work well – and print it with to-the-point wording, like this:

issued from you
We regret to inform you
that the wedding of
Anna Wilkinson and Cameron Baker
will not take place
as scheduled/planned.

If issued from your parents:
Mr. and Mrs. John Wilkinson
Mr. and Mrs. David Baker
regret to inform you
that the wedding of their children
Anna and Cameron
will not take place as scheduled/planned.

You’ll notice we included a choice between “scheduled” and “planned” at the end of the wording. Couples postponing their weddings will choose “scheduled” and possibly even follow it with an explanation (if desired) where as couples who choose “planned” are more than likely communicating wedding cancellations and should feel no need to explain further.

Wedding Cancellations and Postponements

5 Reasons A Wedding Is Postponed

  • 1. Cold Feet
  • You might think that cold feet would mean the wedding is cancelled permanently but there are many couples who stay together but simply choose to take more time before getting married.
  • Explanation: best done through word of mouth and/or verbally by the couple. Keep it short and sweet: “We both felt like we needed a little more time, and a little more money, to have the wedding we really wanted.”
  • 2. Venue/Vendor Trouble
  • Perhaps the venue accidentally booked two weddings on one day or maybe the caterer or band you simply must have isn’t available as promised. Although unfortunate, these mix-ups happen from time to time.
  • Explanation: Due to unforeseen issues with our venue, we will be postponing the wedding until further notice. Thank you for understanding.
  • 3. Death in the Family
  • Our sincerest condolences if you find yourself postponing your wedding for this reason but rest assured that you will want to give yourselves (and other family members) plenty of time to recover so everyone is able to celebrate your nuptials joyfully.
  • Explanation: We regret to inform you that we have chosen to postpone our wedding in order to mourn the loss of [name and relation]. We appreciate your thoughts and prayers. Thank you.
  • 4. Natural Disaster
  • When hurricanes, tornadoes and floods wreak havoc, you can bet there were couples planning to get married in the affected areas. It takes time for towns to recover, buildings to be rebuilt, etc.
  • Explanation: We are saddened by the recent [natural disaster] in [location], and have decided to postpone our wedding until we find a new location to celebrate.
  • 5. Surprise!
  • Life is full of surprises and some of those surprises come in the form of cute little babies. Don’t be discouraged! Getting pregnant in the midst of wedding planning may present some challenges, but changing the wedding date could help relieve some stress.
  • Explanation: None needed. Again this is best spread through word of mouth and/or verbally by the couple.
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