Gown Favor Box Assembly

Gown Favor Boxes Step 1

Step 1:

unfold the box on a flat surface.

Gown Favor Boxes Step 2

Step 2:

fold the side flaps upward making sure to press along the scored lines to form a "V" with each flap.

Gown Favor Boxes Step 3

Step 3:

line up the pre-punched holes of the side flaps with the holes on the front and back of the gown.

Gown Favor Boxes Step 4

Step 4:

place the favor box upright so the opening is facing you and tuck the two side flaps inward.

Gown Favor Boxes Step 5

Step 5:

thread ribbon through the holes from the front to the back, then from the back to the front, resulting in the two ribbon ends facing the side of the box with the personalization (use a bobby pin or large needle for threading ribbon).

Gown Favor Boxes Step 6

Step 6:

tie the ribbon in a bow.

Although these wedding gown favor boxes won't be as pretty as the real thing, you can still expect lots of compliments from your wedding guests when they receive these very unique wedding favors. The personalized wedding gown favor boxes even come with a romantic, satin bow accent around the waist! These wedding favors will be a big hit, no matter what you decide to put inside.

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