Dance Only Invitation Wording

Inviting all of your friends and family to your wedding reception may not be possible due to wedding budget constraints. Therefore, some couples are choosing to invite people to the dance only. Dance-only invitations deviate a bit from proper etiquette practices but more and more couples are choosing this route.

We love how practical it is to invite certain people to the dance only because it allows more friends and family to celebrate with you. However, it might be offensive to some and it could be awkward if your reception runs late — where do dance-only guests go if reception guests are still sitting and eating?

There are definitely details you’ll have to think through if deciding to go this route. You can weigh the pros and cons while we give you a suggestion for dance only invitation wording…

Laura Ann Olson
Paul Jonathon Hendricks
are happy to announce
their marriage on
Saturday, June 18, 2023
Please join them for the wedding dance at 8:00 p.m.
Hotel Grand
8456 Fourth Street
Kingston, Illinois

Dance Only Invitation Wording

The nice thing about this wording is that you can be as casual as you like. You can even write your own wording and have fun with it! Create simple, dance-only invitations by personalizing reception cards with your choice of wording.

If you’d like to throw etiquette right out the window, that’s fine with us! Check out Offbeat Bride for some fun reception only and dance only invitation wording ideas.

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