Choose Wedding Invitations in Your Wedding Colors

You already feel it, even if you don’t really know why. How a blue room will make you feel calm, how a bunch of red roses will warm your heart, how a yellow dress makes you cheerful just by putting it on.

That’s because colors are attached to emotions! If you’re wondering what wedding colors you’ll choose for your big day, consider how those colors will make you feel. We’ve included wedding invitations in corresponding colors so you can set the mood from the very beginning!

Choose Wedding Invitations in Your Wedding Colors

Black - powerful, formal and sophisticated
Go with a black and white wedding or black with a pop of a big, bold color. (Shop black wedding invitations.)

White – purity, innocence, sense of space
An all-white wedding is simple and elegant, giving you plenty of room to add in an accent color or two. (Shop white wedding invitations.)

Red – strong emotions, warmth, love
Only the boldest brides can pull off a red wedding without the color being overwhelming. Do you dare? (Shop red wedding invitations.)

Blue – calm, serene
This has been a favorite wedding color for ages. Think “something blue!” (Shop blue wedding invitations.)

Green – nature, tranquility, good luck
Show off your natural style with shades of green or green paired with bright floral colors. (Shop green wedding invitations.)

Yellow - cheerful, warm, attention getting
Like a bright and sunny day, a yellow wedding feels heartfelt and welcoming. (Shop yellow wedding invitations.)

Purple - royalty, exotic, wisdom
There was a time when only kings could wear purple. Will you channel your inner royalty by featuring this regal color in your wedding? (Shop purple wedding invitations.)

Brown – natural, strength, warmth
Brown is a beautiful neutral tone. Accent with a rich, creamy white or pull in pops of color for fun. (Shop brown wedding invitations.)

Orange – energetic, excitement, warmth
An orange wedding gets noticed for its bold style and positive energy. (Shop orange wedding invitations.)

Pink - calming, love, romance
No color is more romantic than pink. Even if it’s the boldest, brightest fuchsia around, your wedding will still be all about love. (Shop pink wedding invitations.)

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