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Cake Box Assembly

Step 1:

Cake Boxes Step 1

lay the box on a flat surface, fold all flaps and tabs inward and press along score lines.

Step 2:

Cake Boxes Step 2

bring all sides around to form the beginning of a square box.

Step 3:

Cake Boxes Step 3

form the bottom of the box by folding the flap with the square notch in first, followed by the side flaps with diagonal notches.

Step 4:

Cake Boxes Step 4

tuck the tab of the final bottom flap into the slot created by the other flaps.

Step 5:

Cake Boxes Step 5

place the favor box upright with the opening facing you. fold the longer side flap in first, then fold the shorter side flap in.

Step 6:

Cake Boxes Step 6

fold the lid over and tuck it into the favor box.

Cake boxes are an excellent way to make sure your leftover cake doesn't go to waste after the wedding. Feel free to fill these large boxes with other goodies, too. The larger size allows more freedom to get creative so you'll be able to create easy wedding favors your guests will really enjoy.