Adults Only Wedding Invitation Wording

Communicating an “adults only” wedding ceremony and reception is less about wording your wedding invitations and more about addressing them properly. However, there are ways to allude to an adult-only wedding in your wedding invitation wording. While it’s not appropriate to mention “adults only” or “no children” on the invitation itself, you can say things like “intimate ceremony” or “cocktail reception” taking place at a “luxury hotel” or “downtown nightclub.” Guests will hopefully understand those venues aren’t child-friendly.

Now that you’ve determined your adults-only wedding invitation wording, it’s time to address your envelopes to reflect your choice. If they know their etiquette, your guests will understand that only the people listed on the outer and inner envelopes are invited to the wedding. Be clear here, too.

Adults Only Wedding Invitation Wording

Outer Envelope: Mr. and Mrs. Michael Callan
Inner Envelope: Mike and Julie

(Read Inner and Outer Envelopes Explained to learn more about properly addressing your invitations.) If you’re worried about guests not getting the hint so far, you can word your response cards a little more bluntly, like this:

We can’t wait to celebrate with you!
Please respond by November 1, 2016
_______ Adults will attend
_______ Sorry to miss it!


Please respond by November 1, 2016
We have reserved two spots for you.
_______ Will attend
_______ Sorry to miss it!

And if you want to be extra-extra clear, you can just go ahead and say it, but only on your reception cards, like this:

Please celebrate with us
at an adults-only reception
immediately following the ceremony