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Hi Andi,

I’m choosing my wedding invitations and have a question about what to include. Do I need to give guests their meal options now or can I save that until later?


Hey Penny,

The chicken, beef, or vegetarian menu choice is something that everyone who has ever been to a wedding is all too familiar with. When it comes to planning your own wedding, it can become a crucial piece of information.

Whether or not you ask your guests for a meal choice when they respond really comes down to the style of meal you’re planning. If you’re doing a big buffet, you don’t need to ask at all. If you’re doing a seated meal, you might need to provide your caterer with meal choices a few weeks before your wedding day.

Even if you don’t include an exact menu choice in your invitation, it can be a good idea to ask for any dietary requirements. A gluten-intolerant vegan guest might require some extra planning for your caterer, whether you’re doing a buffet or seated meal.

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