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Hi Andi,

My fiance and I are choosing our wedding stationery and have a question about RSVPs. We know we need to set a date for everyone to reply by, but what do we do if people don’t get their cards back in time?


Hey Mary,

Congratulations! You aren’t alone in your question. In fact, it’s something every bride worries about, and late RSVPs can be a big source of stress.

In most cases, you’ll set your RSVP date for two to three weeks before your big day. This gives you enough time to do things like planning out seating, telling the caterers how many meals they’ll need to provide (and any special requirements), and still gives your guests enough time between getting the invitation and replying.

Of course, there will always be stragglers. Some of your guests will open your invitation, put it aside, and then forget that the RSVP date is approaching. When it comes and goes, you will still have no reply from some of your guests.

You can do some follow up with these guests, getting a verbal RSVP or an email RSVP (some brides also choose to include these as reply options from the start). If an invitee still isn’t replying, it’s up to you whether to be strict. Ask yourself how much trouble it will cause if they suddenly decide to come, or not come. At the end of the day, you need to do what is best for you and your wedding.

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