Want to know something crazy? We’ve been in the wedding invitation business for over 40 years. Even we can’t believe it! We’re now printing wedding invitations for a second generation of brides and grooms, which is so wild and incredibly fun! Wedding trends have certainly changed since our newest crop of couple’s parents’ married. Long gone are the pearl-foiled doves of the 80’s and calla lily adorned designs of the 90’s (thank goodness!). As weddings have become less formal and more customized, so have invitation designs. Even though our roots are in traditional wedding invitations, we’ve loosened up our stance on the rules of inviting etiquette. Here are the top 3 wedding invitation rules you have our permission to break:

  1. You May: Remove the Address of Your Venue
    It wasn’t all that long ago that this was the most vital piece of information on your wedding invitation. Unless your guests carried a phone book in their glove box, or pulled over to dial information from a payphone, there was no way for them to find the address of your venue. Thanks to mobile phones and easy access to information, it’s acceptable to leave the full address off your invitation and list only your venue name. We’re big fans of this because it just makes your invitation look so much prettier! If your nervous about not including an address, but want your invitation to feel uncluttered, simply add it on an information card to slip in with your suite.

  1. You May: Use Informal Date and Time Wording
    If you’re inviting with traditional wording, your wedding date and start time should be spelled out formally. For example –

    Saturday, the third of July, two-thousand and twenty one at five o’clock in the evening

    Don’t get us wrong. We’re huge fans of this wording. It feels totally timeless and looks oh-so-elegant! However, if you’re opting for a more modern text layout, this is a rule that can be broken! Instead of spelling out your date and time, it can be laid out like –07.03.21 | 5pmJUL | 22 | 21
    at 3 o’clock

    or, you can spell it out more informally like –

    Saturday, July 3rd, 2021 at 5:00 in the evening

  1. You May: Add a Photo
    Photo wedding invitations simply did not exist until quite recently. And we must admit, when they first came on the scene, we were hesitant. A photo? On your wedding invitation? Needless to say, we’ve changed our tune. Getting some extra mileage out of those engagement photos is a win and your guests will love receiving a design that includes your smiling faces! Choose a format, such as a folding or double-sided design, so you can share a photo and still have room for your invitation wording.


There is one wedding invitation etiquette rule we beg you not to break –

  1. You May Not: List Registry Information on Your Invitation
    Do not, under any circumstance, list your registry information anywhere on your invitation. Not on the backside, not on an enclosure card, not anywhere! You’re inviting your guests to your wedding to share in your love and special day, not to receive a gift. Don’t make it feel like you’re asking for one. It is acceptable to list your registry on your wedding website (which you may list on an enclosure card).

Whether or not you decide to abide by the rules of wedding inviting or break them all is of course, up to the two of you! If you’re curious about other wedding invitation traditions, read up on the 7 Wedding Invitation Traditions that Will Never Go Away.


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