Destination weddings are always fun but they’re all kind of the same, right? Not at all! Choose one of these themes with coordinating invitations to set your destination wedding apart from the rest.

  1. Tropical Greenery

Greenery is trending like crazy in weddings right now and destination weddings are no different. We happen to love the giant palm leaves in all shades of green. They give a lush, tropical vibe!

The Brilliant Palms Foil Invitation is the perfect combination of vibrant green palm leaves and shimmering foil stamping, which come together to create a tropical experience before you even set foot off the plane.


  1. Coral Reefs

Why are coral reefs seeing the limelight in destination wedding design? Perhaps it’s the environmental focus they’ve seen lately or maybe it’s the abstract artistic look they lend. Either way, coral reefs make a magical destination wedding theme.

The Sea Beauty Foil Wedding Invitation gives this theme a gorgeous twist with its watercolor background and real foil coral reef design. It’s warm, it’s inviting and it’s oh-so-elegant!


  1. Luxe Minimalist

So many couples are choosing quality over visual impact. What does that mean? Think thoughtful experience for guests vs. jaw-dropping décor at the reception. The idea is to keep things simple while focusing on key areas that make guests feel welcome and appreciated.

The Tropical Chic Letterpress Invitation is a great choice for reflecting a minimalist sense of style with the luxury look and feel of letterpress printing. Absolutely perfect for setting the mood you want for your destination wedding style.


  1. Golden Glow

You might expect a destination wedding to result in a lovely golden glow but this trend is a little different. We’re talking gold on gold as a bright and beautiful way to celebrate the warm weather location you’ve chosen for such an important event.

The Sun Kissed Foil Wedding Invitation features gorgeous gold foil on gold shimmer paper that sparkles like your favorite sandy beach at sunset. You will not be disappointed in this invitation and your guests will be waiting with anticipation for the main event.