A lot of couples choose to create a wedding website to help track important details and keep guests informed. You can put a whole lot more on your wedding website than you can on save the dates and wedding invitations, so we think it’s a great idea.

The question is…where does the wedding website go? There are three great places to include your wedding website in your wedding stationery.

  1. Save the Dates

The first place to include your wedding website is on the save the date. Wedding websites are simple to put together, which means you can create one quickly and easily at any time. So whether you’re sending save the dates five months in advance or a year in advance, you can always get a simple wedding website going and include the address on the save the dates.

  1. Enclosure Cards

You can include your wedding website on the reception card if you like or you can create another enclosure card for specific wedding details like the website address. Some couples add it to their accommodations cards or map cards and instruct guests to visit the wedding website for more information on each.

  1. The Invitation

Listing your wedding website on the front of your wedding invitations is not advised for proper etiquette reasons. However, you’ll notice that 2-sided wedding invitations are very popular right now, and the backside often includes space for additional wedding information like reception info. The back of an invitation is an acceptable place for your wedding website, especially if you’re avoiding putting your wedding registry on the invite for etiquette purposes. Guests can check the wedding website to learn where you are registered!