Yes according to some, and no according to others. Not helpful?

The more useful answer is that this common wedding etiquette rule is changing and naturally so. Technology does a great job of making things easier and more convenient, and honestly? If technology can solve the “i-forgot-to-reply” problem that every couple inevitably deals with, we say yes!

So…if you ask your conservative mother-in-law or your Catholic grandmother, it’s likely they’ll say online RSVPs are tacky but if you ask us, we say it’s just fine and we’ll even tell you how to do it. Check out this article from our friends at Ann’s Bridal Bargains, How to Word Your Online RSVP Card to learn more.

Our best piece of advice is to look for wedding invitations that are designed to include more wording whether that means plenty of lines for copy on the front or space on the back. Trifold wedding invitations are great for including reception and response info directly on the invitation itself but we offer lots of two-sided invites with room on the back for more wording as well. Seal and sends are awesome if you decide to do both a traditional response card and have an online RSVP service.

So the moral of the story is do what’s right for you and your guests. If the majority of your guests will appreciate a more modern way to RSVP? Go for it!


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