1. Relax, enjoy your engagement.

All the craziness of planning a wedding will come soon enough. This is the time to sit back and really soak in the fact that YOU’RE ENGAGED! Doesn’t that feel good to say? Of course, part of enjoying your engagement is sharing the news, which brings us to…

  1. Announce your engagement.

Yes, this requires some thought. Sharing the news is so much fun but if you want to avoid hurt feelings and awkward moments, you might want to have a simple plan in place with your partner. Check out Rules of Engagement: Sharing the good news! We’ll help you figure out who finds out when and how.

  1. What’s your wedding vision?

Start thinking about the kind of wedding you picture for the two of you. Is it outdoors or indoors? Is it formal or informal? Will you be jet setting or keeping it local? These questions will help you determine…

  1. The location.

Location is important to figure out early in the planning process. Why? It sets the stage for everything! As you dream about music, food and decor, having a location makes it all so much easier and more fun. Plus, when you determine a location, you can set a date. Popular locations have long wait times (like a year or more), especially during prime wedding seasons like summer and fall

  1. Now you can set the date!

Oh yes, you’ll be getting this question from a lot of people! What’s the wedding date? Get this squared away and you’ve got everything you need to send save the dates, which are a must in today’s busy, busy world.  When do you send save the dates? That’s a whole new topic! Check out When to Send Save the Dates to determine the right timeline for your wedding.