The wedding color scheme…

Main: Sage

Accent 1: Cedar

Accent 2: Gold

Neutral: Tea

How we worked it:

Inspired by the Garden Crest Invitation, this color palette exudes natural elegance and is absolutely perfect for a sophisticated wedding. Like many of our floral wedding invitations, this invite’s design has a beautifully boho feel to it making it both whimsical and earthy. Just imagine how you can incorporate these elements throughout your wedding… Don’t worry, we have some ideas!

Working it into your wedding:

Sage is a surprisingly striking color for being such a natural hue but it never ceases to get attention when taken from the great outdoors and brought into your wedding venue. Greenery is the name of the game here and we say go heavy on it. Greenery always looks beautiful, creating a fresh and relaxed atmosphere. Try spreading the greenery along reception tables and draping it over your ceremony archway or reception entrances.

Cedar is so pretty and versatile that it might be tempting to have two main colors but we suggest using cedar as a complement. Let it be prevalent but don’t let it overpower your safe elements. Lighter green flowers and greenery mixed in will do the trick. Consider finding cedar/light green bridesmaids dresses because your maids will look amazing at your ceremony and reception amidst the sage décor. Your neutral color, tea, will allow both greens to play well with each and will not distract from these naturally pretty colors.

Now let’s get to the really fun part, gold! Metallic gold is truly an accent color but don’t be shy with it. You can choose to throw in small gold details that are still impactful like gold candelabras along the tables, gold cutlery at each place setting or custom wedding napkins with gold foil personalization. Or you can choose bold elements of gold like a swath of gold sequin cloth on the head table or a wedding cake covered in gold. If you go big and bold, we recommend choosing just a few areas throughout the wedding to do so.