Are you struggling to determine your wedding style? You’re not alone! So many brides think they know what they want and quickly realize that although your wedding style obviously reflects your personal style, it is also highly influenced by some very practical things. Consider these five things before setting your wedding style in stone.

    1. Wedding Location

First and foremost, do you see your wedding indoors or outdoors? Because this decision will influence everything from the bridal party attire to the extent of decorations you want at the ceremony and reception. Outdoor weddings and indoor/outdoor weddings are often more casual, which brings us to…

  1. Formality of Event

Are you a fan of black tie affairs or vows on the beach? Maybe you’re somewhere in between. You will want to choose the formality of your event before getting into the nitty gritty of shopping for a gown, buying wedding invitations and planning decorations. Larger weddings often take on a more formal tone simply because it tends to be more traditional whereas smaller weddings are often a little more casual. Of course, when it comes to the formality of your event, you have to consider budget…

  1. Your Budget!

Maybe money isn’t an issue for you. If so, that’s awesome! For everybody else, as much as you might hate to admit it, your budget will influence your wedding style to some degree. You can’t have a black tie affair on a shoestring budget but you can have a beautiful wedding that’s totally affordable.

  1. Commitment to Fashion

Anyone who considers herself fashion-forward knows it can take some serious commitment! If you want to wear a killer pair of heels under that designer wedding gown, your feet better be ready for a long day and you better be ready with a pair of flip-flops when the dance rolls around.

  1. Time

Do you consider yourself a crafty master? Just remember that getting crafty with your wedding decorations can take a lot of time. Be realistic about the amount of time you have before the wedding and each week to get projects done. Are you a procrastinator? Crafty and procrastination doesn’t go well together. Being a procrastinator and hiring a wedding decorator, however, goes really well together!