The wedding color scheme…

Main: Mushroom
Accent 1: Butter
Accent 2: Olive
Neutral: Rose Gold

How we worked it:
This nature meets glam color palette was inspired by the Juliet Garden Seal and Send Invitation. This all-in-one format is incredibly affordable but doesn’t skimp on style. The painted floral design is truly a work of art and once you add your wedding details, it becomes a one-of-a-kind invitation that’s all your own. What we love most about this invitation though, is the color palette. It can easily inspire your entire wedding day style. Let’s break down how to make it work….

Working it into your wedding:

Let’s start with your main color – mushroom. Are you saying to yourself, “wait…isn’t that kind of…boring?”. Yes, mushroom may feel like more of a neutral, and may not be as exciting as a more vibrant hue, but this is exactly why we love it. Use this shade to blanket your day in warmth. At your ceremony, choose weathered wood chairs and a rustic structure for your ceremony backdrop. A DIY arch made of branches would be lovely and can be dressed up with floral blooms and greenery. Save your accent colors for your bridesmaids, but talk your groom into a mushroom-inspired wardrobe. Think taupe slacks and a monochromatic tweed vase. At your reception, choose more weathered wood tables and chairs. Keep the tabletops raw, but add mushroom-colored napkins to your table settings for a touch of color that doesn’t deter from the simple beauty of the tablescape.

Next up are your accent colors: butter and olive. Think soft, pastel hues. We love the idea of dressing bridesmaids in a gorgeous shade of olive. Of course, your florals are the most natural way to weave these colors into your day. Decorate your ceremony background in greenery but be careful to work with your florist on selecting the green that’s right for your palette. Eucalyptus is a perfect choice; it’ll give you the subtle olive shade you want and the price is right. Integrate pops of butter yellow here and there. Think soft garden roses, reminiscent of the blooms on your invitation. You can also use blush color flowers. They’ll play beautifully with the olive and butter shades and also work well with your neutral shade: Rose Gold!

Using a metallic is key and in this palette, we chose our very fave: Rose Gold. You’ll be showcasing this stunning, shining color right from the start with the rose gold foil-pressed accents adorning the floral artwork on your Seal and Send.  Now, let’s scatter it throughout your wedding. Start with the bride. Rose gold jewelry will have you literally glowing. Consider other accessories as well. Rose gold shoes are a beautiful choice and finding a rose gold hair pin or other accent will have your locks sparkling. Next, let’s turn to the ceremony. Work with your venue to find rose gold stemware. Imagine your guests strolling about with a rosy colored glass in hand and your entire venue filled with pretty sparkling pink light. Function meets design at its finest! And the very last detail – rose gold foil cocktail napkins. Because even the bar should be dressed up for your wedding day!