Wedding trends come and go (just ask the 80s). When country-themed weddings came on the scene a few years back, we fell in love. Rustic ceremony locations. Beautifully understated celebrations filled with sweet details. An overall feeling of just plain unfussiness! There wasn’t anything we didn’t adore about this laid-back style. But we held our breath. Was this going to be another flash in the pan? Turns out, nope! Country weddings are here to stay.

Think Organic
When you think about the general vibe you want your country wedding to have, think organic. Not the pesticide-free produce kind of organic; the this-wedding-looks-like-it-was-created-by-mother-nature kind of organic. Choose a location such as a farm, field or forest-setting. Our favorite rustic blogger, Rustic Wedding Chic even has an entire series of weddings held at summer camps. It just doesn’t get much more charming that this!

Add Some Sparkle
Okay, we know we just said to go organic. However…the rustic meets glam look is a newer trend in country wedding that we’re fully embracing. So, start with your natural elements like greenery, simple florals and weathered wood. Now, kick it up a notch with some sparkle. We love the look of the metallic rose gold used in our featured look. It’s soft, feminine and blends perfectly with nature-inspired colors like rose, taupe and ivory.

Bring It All Together
Now let’s marry your organic and sparkle together. Add touches like gleaming jewelry on the bride and shining flatware at your reception. Most importantly, introduce your country wedding theme with an invitation that’s the perfect fit. We have a huge selection of country wedding invitations and absolutely adore this new Country Charm wedding invitation from the David Tutera Wedding Invitation Collection. The wooden frame, herb-inspired greenery and rose gold foil set the tone in gorgeous country glam style.

Photo Credit: Ceremony Chairs: Angie Silvy Photography via, Reception: Megan Robinson via HuffPost, Bridesmaids: Bethany Small Photography via Britt + Co, Cake: Teneil Kable via Polka Dot Bride, Bride with Bouquet: Melissa Schollaert Photography via Aisle Perfect, Groom: Stylish Wedd