The wedding color scheme…

Main: Lilac
Accent 1: Sterling
Accent 2: Wisteria
Neutral: Silver

How we worked it!

We chose the new Modern Marble wedding invitation featuring a beautiful swirled agate pattern. Marbled wedding invitations are having a moment this season, but the look is actually quite timeless. It’s natural, but modern, and can fit with nearly any wedding theme. For this color palette, we used shades of lilac and wisteria, then weaved them together with shining silver foil. The result is stunning.

Working it into your wedding:

You love purple so naturally you want a purple wedding. Perfect! We love purple too. Now, let’s choose those shades very carefully. Grape, plum, lavender, violet, amethyst, regal…is your head spinning yet? Let us help narrow down the options. We adore the combo of lilac and wisteria. First, let lilac play the lead role. The rich, warm tone makes it an ideal choice for bridesmaid dresses, neckties and chair covers. Our second purple hue is wisteria. This accent shade is light and airy with gray undertones. Use it sparingly to avoid overpowering your main color, lilac. Think text color on your menus, the frosting on your cake or even create signature cocktails in a shade of wisteria!

Your other accent color is sterling. This muted shade of medium gray can feel moody so like your accent share of lilac, use it lightly. Dress the guys in sterling suits, wrap your bouquet stems in sterling ribbon and place sterling colored napkin linens on your place settings to make them pop.

We’re leaning a bit outside of the box with our accent color: silver. You might be thinking, isn’t silver just another shade of sterling? Well…sure. But the difference is in the SHINE! We usually advise couples to use a metallic in moderation but for this look, let’s step it up! The glow of silver will add a sense of sophistication and take your day from pretty and sweet to ultra modern and stylish. Think about using silver in your jewelry, including hair pieces, as well as your centerpieces (hello, mercury glass!). To make a serious statement, consider renting lucite tables with silver hardware. It’ll be a look your guests will never forget!