The wedding color scheme…

Main: Rose
Accent 1: Sky
Accent 2: Gold
Neutral: Moss

How we worked it!
We were very excited for the chance to highlight the Brilliant Garden Seal and Send Invitation because it is absolutely gorgeous. We highly recommend ordering a sample so you can see the touches of shimmering gold foil and the vibrant colors. There are so many intricate and beautiful details on this invitation, we just couldn’t resist. Plus the all-in-one design makes it very unique and quite affordable. Check out more invites with stunning colors in our collection of floral wedding invitations, or if you like to keep things a little more natural, check out our collection of nature wedding invitations.

Working it into your wedding:
Rose is a swoon worthy color, and it pairs beautifully with sky blue. You will want to use these colors directly next to each other at least a few times throughout your venue to get that really pretty contrast. We’re thinking rose-colored flowers, of course. Imagine your bridesmaids in sky blue gowns holding a bouquet with rosy hued flowers…so pretty.

Gold is beautiful but we think it’s at its best in small doses especially when paired with colors like rose, sky blue and moss. These colors are more subdued and natural, which means you will want to use gold truly as a complementary color. A few gold votive holders or candelabras on the reception tables would do the trick. The candlelight dancing on gold pieces will set a really warm glow and ambiance.

Moss green as your neutral is really fun to work with because it blends into the background so well while still setting the stage for the other wedding colors to shine. Try adding some greenery throughout the reception to give that ultra natural vibe and relaxed feel that allow guests to let go and have a great time.