What do you think of when you hear the word enchanted? Disney movies and fairytales perhaps. An Enchanted Evening Wedding Theme is its own kind of beautiful — mysterious, magical and mesmerizing. Here are a few ideas for creating the enchanted look you’ve always dreamed of.

Setting the mood.
Planning your enchanted evening wedding is all about setting the right mood. The lighting, the décor, the apparel, flowers. They should all evoke a feeling of awe with a hint of wonder. Lighting is very important for evening weddings, especially enchanted ones! White Christmas lights, Edison lights and candlelight are all great options for setting your venue aglow.

Charming your guests.
Choose a few different ways you’d like to surprise your guests and do those things really well! We love the mirror with white frame shown here featuring the phrase “and they danced by the light of the moon.” The wedding cake in a romantic pastel purple with gorgeous fondant flowers is another magical addition to the reception. Oh, and the tree with vertical hanging lights is magnificent!

Softening the color scheme.
Soft pastels and faded hues are great for getting that enchanted look. We’ve chosen pinks and purples inspired by the Enchanting Wedding Invitations shown here. These invites will get some ooos and ahhs from recipients for sure. Notice how the dusty rose, pink and purple hues pulled from the invite look beautiful in the flowers and bridesmaid dresses. Using the same color scheme throughout the ceremony and reception will help you achieve the enchanted look you want.

Featured: Reception: Meant2Be Events, Couple: Shewanders Photography Via Huffington Post, Bridesmaids: Amy and Jordan Photography, Sign: Tina Rowden Via What Louisa Loves, Floral Centerpiece: Evie Perez Photography Via My Wedding, Cake: The pastry studio via Deer Pearl Flowers