The wedding color scheme…

Main: Blush
Accent 1: Olive
Accent 2: Gold
Neutral: Ecru

How we worked it!

We chose the Vintage Garden Foil Wedding Invitation featuring an antique-inspired pattern in the background and blush garden roses reaching up from below. Gold foil flourishes lend the perfect touch of sparkle. Check out the entire collection of Vintage Wedding Invitations for even more beautiful options.

Working it into your wedding:

Blush is the Belle of the ball in this color palette, so we suggest highlighting it wherever you can throughout the wedding ceremony and reception. You don’t have to worry too much about overusing this color because of its light and delicate nature. Chances are better that you won’t use it enough.

Olive becomes the earthy hue that creates the incredibly warm and inviting overtone of color combination. Consider olive bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen vests and ties. It should definitely make an appearance at your reception, especially on the tables. Flowers and greenery will work or do something more intentional like olive napkins at each place setting.

Add gold accents wherever you think it will shine brightest. Use it sparingly though. We’re talking gold jewelry with the olive bridesmaid dresses or gold fabric draped on reception table chairs. Gold flatware and/or vases would be ultra elegant or gold picture frames featuring your table numbers.

Your neutral color, ecru, will create the canvas for the other colors in your palette. Use it wherever and whenever you feel something needs a fresh look.