The wedding color scheme…

Main: Mauve
Accent 1: Plum
Accent 2: Rose Gold
Base: Navy

How we worked it!

We chose the Garden Halo Foil Wedding Invitation, which allows us to showcase our favorite hue, mauve, in a beautifully delicate floral design. Plus it has some gorgeous rose gold foil accents that glitter and glisten around your wedding details! You’ll find this invite in our collection of floral wedding invitations.

Working it into your wedding:

Mauve is a borderline neutral color but we’re using it as the star of the show because it’s just too pretty to set aside. Navy is a great base color for this palette because it allows mauve to take the spotlight and it’s a gorgeous backdrop for pops of rose gold. Plum is a fabulous addition as a bridge between the dark brooding navy and the oh-so-pretty mauve.

Picture navy tablecloths at your reception with rose gold flatware and possibly a few rose gold candelabras. Choose a mixture of plum and mauve flowers as centerpieces and you’ll have absolutely stunning tables. Make sure your wedding cake features at least two of these colors. A mauve fondant with plum flowers and rose gold glitter would be amazing!

Imagine your groomsmen in navy suits and your bridesmaids in rose gold sequins dresses. The wedding photos with your bridal party would be gorgeous! There are so many things you can do with this color palette so get creative and love every moment of your wedding planning.