It’s the most surprising color trend for this upcoming season: Mauve. We can’t get over it! Not because it’s straight out of 1986, but because it’s absolutely beautiful. Why haven’t we considered this perfectly powdered palette before?!

Be Moody

Yup, we’re officially in love with the powered purple shade that is mauve. We’d marry it; or, at least use it as the shining star of our wedding which is practically the same thing. The key to using this throwback hue in new ways is to invite other colors to the party. First, think plum. Mauve on its own feels feminine and delicate. Add some plum, and suddenly, you’ve got mood. Take each tone, lighten and darken it a touch – like in the bridesmaid dresses above – and you have one flawless palette.

Get Romantic

You may hear it from the groom. Mauve and plum are too girly. Too frilly. Too foo-foo (is that even a word?!). You know what else they are? Totally romantic. And what should a wedding day be? Totally romantic! So, you win. Pair them with gray for a masculine touch your guy will approve of. Add the details that scream romance, like chiffon dresses and antique candlesticks and voila, you’ve set the mood.

Add Flowers 

Every wedding needs beautiful blooms and using this color combo will land you in floral heaven. But first things first – let’s talk about that wedding invitation. It’s brand new, features watercolor blossoms and is so affordable you’ll be able to spring for more real flowers in your bouquet. We’ve customized it in wisteria and mulberry ink. It’s a look so sweet, your guest will be zipping those respond cards back in record time. When it comes to choosing flowers for your wedding day, the options are endless. Our faves include the deep plum clematis and cosmos in the centerpiece featured here paired with ivory garden roses and dainty greenery.

Photo Credits: Reception Table: Koman Photography via Hey Wedding Lady;  Bridesmaids: Eric Kelley Photography; Eric Kelley Photography via Once Wed; Cake via Storyboard Weddings; Katy Lundsford via Bridal Musings; Cocktail The Merry Thought.