The wedding color scheme…
Main: Lavender
Accent 1: Plum
Accent 2: Rose Gold
Neutral: Cream

How we worked it!
We chose the Showcase Your Love Foil Invitation, which you’ll find in the Signature Collection here at Invitations by Dawn. All signature items are highly customizable, so we were able to incorporate this beautiful wedding color scheme, no problem.

The Perfect Palette: Plum, Lavender, Rose Gold and Cream

We started with lavender paper because it’s a lighter, more casual color that allows other colors to shine. Then we personalized the invitation in rose gold foil because we knew the rosy tint would look beautiful against lavender. We then personalized a cream colored envelope (cream is always sophisticated) with the return address on the flap in plum. The overall look is beautifully coordinated without being matchy-matchy.

Working it into your wedding:
Cream becomes your base color, setting the stage for other colors to really get noticed. We’re picturing reception tables with cream tablecloths and maybe even cream fabric draped above the head table or along the front of it. Cream is great filler for floral arrangements as well.

Now start adding the lavender. You can use lavender generously throughout the flowers, perhaps the bridal party attire and in the decorations. Next you’ll add in pops of accent colors. Plum is bold and eye-catching so a little bit goes a long way. Picture plum accessories for the ladies, a few plum roses in the bridal bouquet and some plum elements on the wedding cake.

Rose gold is a real stunner, so place rose gold items strategically to add a metallic shine to the scene. Think rose gold votive holders on the table. Again, rose gold jewelry would look wonderful on the bridesmaids. Surprising details like rose gold napkins rings or wine bottles painted in rose gold as flower vases are also great. Get creative!