Choosing a wedding invitation seems like an easy task. Until, that is, you go to check it off your list. You search. You browse. You discover letterpress, laser-cut, pockets, thermography, foil-stamping…the choices are overwhelming. And the cost can be too.

Celebrity wedding planner, David Tutera, understands the struggle. Perhaps surprisingly, David doesn’t think the traditional wedding invitation suite – which includes an invitation plus several enclosure cards and up to three envelopes (whoa, what?!) – is the right fit for every couple. David explains, “When you’re choosing your wedding invitations, don’t think of them just from a bridal perspective. Imagine what it will be like for your guests to actually be on the receiving end of your gorgeous invitations. Opting for Seal & Send invitations allows a stress-free inviting experience, with no extra steps, added postage, enclosure cards or envelopes. Seal & Send style invitations are as beautiful and unique as they are convenient, featuring a perforated response card printed with return address on one side and response wording on the other. The ease of filling out, removing and easily returning the response card is something your guests will certainly appreciate”.

And he’s right – Seal and Send wedding invitations let you invite without the stress of personalizing several pieces, assembling an entire suite and addressing inner and outer envelopes. Simply hop onto our website and personalize the front and back of the Seal and Send with your wedding details. Your respond postcard is attached on the bottom part of the invite so there’s nothing to forget, nothing to second-guess! Wondering what guests will think of your unconventional choice? Take it from us – they’ll love them.

As David often reminds his clients – “remember, your invitation will be the first sneak peek of your big day for your guests and should emulate your overall wedding look and feel”. Why are you waiting? Browse the David Tutera Wedding Invitation Collection and find your perfect match.

Invitation Shown: Elegant Accents Seal and Send Invitation