Lilac and silver are absolutely beautiful wedding colors but you don’t have to take our word for it. Here’s what celebrity wedding planner, David Tutera, has to say about this pretty and versatile color combo.

“Whether you’re planning a springtime wedding featuring muted pastels or a crisp winter wonderland setting with cool hues, Lilac and Silver is one of the few color palettes that works beautifully with any season. This stunning color combination, when threaded throughout a wedding story from the bridesmaid dresses and printed materials to décor and flowers right down to the cocktail menu, really makes a statement”

Color Crush: Lilac and Silver

Let’s talk about lilac!
Lilac is a unique shade of purple. It captures the feeling of walking through the garden but also bares an earthy quality. If the couple wants to stay away from bright pastels yet still embrace the beauty of vibrant floral color, lilac is simply a great choice. As you can see here, it looks amazing on everything from the watercolor floral design on the Whimsical Rose Foil Invitation to the unbelievably beautiful decorations on the wedding cake. The lilac glassware and bridesmaid dresses are also quite fetching.

Let’s talk about silver!
Silver is an extremely elegant pairing for lilac. Take the wedding invitation shown here, for example. Foil wedding invitations are always pretty but this design with lilac watercolor roses next to silver foil roses is a work of art donning contrasting color, texture and shine! Now imagine this combination throughout your wedding. The lilac roses in a silver vase next to silver candelabra centerpiece are so pretty and the wedding cake with a coordinating look is just as jaw dropping. The beauty of this wedding color combination is undeniable!