Wedding trends are fun to follow and even more fun to incorporate into your special day. If you want to look back on your wedding photos without being totally distracted by the colors you chose because they were trendy at the time, we suggest going with a timeless color palette. Check out our top 10 favorites below.

Featured Invitations: Meant to Be, Ebony Vines, Allure

#1: Black and White

Crisp, clean and undeniably elegant. A black and white wedding color combination will forever be the number one palette for timeless weddings.

Featured Invitation: Forever 

#2: Shades of White and Ecru

White is a classic choice no doubt, but using shades of white, ecru and cream will give your day a soft, romantic feel.

Featured Invitation: Royal Details

#3: Black, Cream and Gold

Imagine the elegance of cream and gold. Then, throw in the striking contrast of black and you’ve got an unforgettable color palette that’s classic with a twist of glam.

Featured Invitation: You and Me

#4: White and Greige

For a color that leans more natural than gray, go with greige (a blend and gray and beige). Pair it with pearly white for a wedding day look that’s posh and inviting.

Featured Invitation: Pearl Vines

#5: Navy and Gold

A navy and gold wedding is so gorgeous and the ultimate in classic wedding palettes. Go for a deep midnight navy blue shade paired with brass gold for a look that screams sophistication.

Featured Invitation: Feathered Edge

#6: Ecru and Gold

Ecru and gold is a soft and sensual color combination that leaves room for a glamorous element of design. These two colors will always be an elegant pair.

Featured Invitation: Gold Trim

#6: Cream and Gray  

Cream and gray are very much vintage-inspired, hence why we feel it’s absolutely timeless. The combination has a classic royal wedding appeal, particularly when styled with traditional detailing.

Featured Invitation: Absolutely Classic

#7: Blush and Cream  

If you’re looking for a classic wedding color palette that doesn’t feel old-fashioned, this is it. A blush and cream wedding is the best of both worlds.

Featured Invitation: Blossoming

#9: Maroon, Cream and Gold

You can add a pop of color to your wedding palette and still create a timeless look. And this color combo proves it. Add a touch of maroon to cream and gold for a wedding palette that’s especially perfect for fall and winter weddings.

Featured Invitation: Jeweled Deckle

#10: White and Silver  

If gold isn’t your thing, but you still want a hint of sparkle in your wedding day colors, go with silver instead. Pair this classic hue with brilliant white for a look that’s bright and glistening!

Featured Invitation: Blooming Beauty