Color is back on trend for weddings in 2017 and we love all the wonderful ways couples have been incorporating an array of brilliant colors into their wedding schemes. Here are some of our favorite ways to color your wedding beautiful!

Wedding Trend: COLOR

1. Flowers
Wedding flowers might seem like an obvious choice for incorporating some color but we’re talking LOTS of colors. Create bouquets with a rainbow of blooms or line your reception tables with boldly colored floral arrangements. The nice thing about bringing a lot of colors together in a floral arrangement or bouquet is that breaking up the color is easy with some simple greenery added in.

2. Beverages
Beverages are a super fun way to get colorful! The array of sodas shown here becomes a beautiful display of color, and you can bet adults and children alike will be drawn to it. You can also choose colorful cocktails as your signature drinks and have an accoutrement station so guests can personalize their cocktail with various fruit, umbrellas or charms.

3. Stationery
The stationery is a great place to start your colorful journey. Begin with wedding invitations that highlight a few of your favorite colors and continue that theme through to the ceremony and reception stationery. Items like ceremony programs, menu cards and table numbers can all be created to coordinate with your wedding colors.

4. Arches and Backdrops
Ceremony arches, head table backdrops and ceiling arches at the reception are jaw-dropping beautiful! If you’re looking to make a big statement with color, we highly recommend focusing on one large area of your ceremony or reception and seeing what you can create with the colors you’ve chosen. We see a lot of colorful streamers but you can use paper lanterns, flowers, fabric and so much more.

5. Dessert
You’re no stranger to bucking tradition and dessert is the perfect place to do just that! A wedding cake with different colored tiers could be perfect for your celebration or perhaps you want to be totally unique and put together a candy bar with all kinds of treats in all kinds of colors. Whatever you do, make it you.

6. Bridal Party Attire
The ceremony can sometimes be a little drab when it comes to decoration. There are a lot of ceremony venues that don’t let you do a whole lot with the space but choosing colorful attire for your bridal party is a quick and easy way to make a huge visual impact at your wedding ceremony.

7. Napkins
We will vote for colored napkins over colored tablecloths any day. Why? Because colored tablecloths can easily oversaturate the venue and you’ll lose the visual pop of color that you most likely want. However, focusing on colored napkins allows you to choose a neutral tablecloth that will help the color of your napkins pop like crazy! The same goes for any other colorful element you have on the tables like floral arrangements or colored glassware. Check out personalized wedding napkins from Invitations by Dawn for some great options.

Photo Credits: Bridesmaids: Our Labor of Love via Brooklyn Bride, Flowers: Blinkbox Photos via Bridal Musings, Beverages: Jenna Cole Photography via Glamour, Streamers: via Glamour, Wedding Cake: via Casual Wedding Dress