Who can resist the luxurious shine of metallic foil? Not us!

One of our favorite foil wedding invitations here at Invitations by Dawn is Layers of Luxury. This beauty is available in today’s most sought-after foil colors — gold, rose gold and silver — and it comes with a real glitter belly band to match!

Invitation Feature: Layers of Luxury

We’ve got lots of reasons to gush over this invitation but here our five favorite features that really make it special…

  1. Glitter – real glitter packs a real punch on this invitation. Every bride wants a little sparkle at her wedding and this invitation offers just enough sparkle to be eye-catching without being gaudy.
  1. Foil Printing – All the wording on this invitation is foil stamped to coordinate with the color of the belly band. For example, if you choose the Layers of Luxury – Gold Invitation, you’ll get a gold glitter band with gold foil printing. It’s a knockout!
  1. Textured Paper – Less flashy but just as crucial to lending an overall luxurious feel, the textured paper used for these wedding invitations is noticeably unique. Pair that with smooth foil and shimmering glitter…guests are going to love it!
  1. Glitter Envelope Liner – A matching glitter envelope liner adds an extra pop of style to the entire ensemble so guests are presented with a beautifully coordinated invitation from the moment they open the envelope. Exciting!
  1. Beautiful Presentation – all in all, this invitation shoots for the moon when it comes to presentation. Neatly wrapped in a glitter belly band and finished with a coordinating monogram tag — you really can’t go wrong when something comes together as perfectly as this.