It's time to renew your vows! Here's why...

1. The years are worth celebrating!
Couples tend to downplay their anniversary. They might go out to eat, see a movie and exchange gifts but few will really celebrate unless it’s a special milestone. We happen to think EVERY year is worth celebrating, and we encourage couples to renew their vows whenever they want however many times they want. The vow renewal ceremony allows you to recommit to that special someone whenever you decide the time is right.

2. Now you can include the kids.
Celebrate with your children! Maybe you have young children you’d like to include in the ceremony or maybe you have older children you simply want present as the two of you exchange vows. Either way, children have been a HUGE part of your life together and now they can witness the two of you saying your vows all over again. How very special.

3. One word: Pinterest
Maybe you just want to throw a party! Pinterest has your head spinning with all kinds of fantastic ideas, and we think that’s a totally valid reason for wanting to plan a vow renewal celebration. Besides, we both know it’s your love for that special someone that truly inspired you — Pinterest is just a bonus.

4. Great excuse for a vacation.
Need a vacation? Always! Vow renewals are an awesome reason to book your next flight. You’ll find romantic packages at resorts around the world. Just imagine renewing your vows on a beach in Mexico or the mountains of Switzerland. Who can resist such a romantic idea? You can even find some great vow renewal invitations that coordinate with your destination theme!

5. Re-commiting to each other is special.
Let’s be honest, committing to the one you love doesn’t just happen on the wedding day or every year on your anniversary. You choose to love that one special person every day of your life and that choice is incredibly special. That choice deserves to be recognized. A vow renewal lets you re-commit to each other while surrounded by loving family and friends.