A dynamite combination of rich color and incredible sparkle! The Geode Style story is a gorgeous display of natural wonder and creativity. We gathered just a few of the many fabulous ideas out there to create this wedding look, and you won’t be disappointed.

Style Story: Geode

Crystal Clear
A “geode” is a rock containing a cavity that’s lined with crystals. Of course, a geode wedding theme should also include crystals. Find fun and beautiful ways to incorporate this into your wedding look. The rock candy shown here are clever, pretty and delicious. Consider adding crystal accents (fake or real) to your bouquet and try to find some geodes with crystals to display in key areas of your wedding venue

Lovely Layers
Geodes (and agates – similar to the geode) often have absolutely mesmerizing layers of color. Polished geodes with gold writing become stunning name cards for your guests. The wedding cake shown here also highlights the layered geode look and features a bit of gold sparkle. You’ll even find wedding cakes designed to look like geodes with the cavity and crystals built into the cake!

True Blue
Geodes and agates come in all kinds of colors but blue is a very common color that happens to work beautifully for weddings. Dress the bridal party in vibrant shades of blue and make sure the ladies are wearing jewelry with some serious sparkle (this wedding theme works best with a little bling). Use your wedding napkins to incorporate some color and style, and watercolor wedding invitations are a great choice for bringing the geode look into your stationery. We chose the Mysterious Love Invitation with real foil to capture a little sparkle.

Photo Credits: Kristen Joy Photography via 100 Layer Cake, Reception Table: Melissa Fuller Photography via Intertwined Events, Rock Candy Favor: T&S Hughes Photography via Brit.co, Place Cards: via Livingly, Bride’s Bouquet: Studio Castillero via Modern Nautical, Groom/Groomsmen: Belle and Beau Photography via Mon Cheri Bridals