All the excitement that follows a proposal can cloud a person’s better judgment, which can lead to a major faux pas when it comes to announcing the engagement. The number one rule when it comes to proposing, and this goes for anyone at any age, is do not announce your engagement on social media before telling the most important people in your life! Are you a little fuzzy about who to tell and how to share the news? We’ve laid it out for you. Go with the flow of this chart and you will be golden!
Rules of Engagement: Sharing the good news!
A wedding is a very special time for the couple but it’s also special for the couple’s parents, siblings and close friends. They deserve to hear the news first straight from the couple’s mouths. The last thing you want when you’re newly engaged is disappointed family members and friends. Start the engagement off on a great note and let the loved ones in your life have a moment to celebrate with you before you announce it to the world.