What’s the difference between coordinated and matching wedding stationery? Good question. First of all, let’s explain the wedding stationery ensemble. Your wedding invitation involves more than just the invites. A basic ensemble includes the invitation, response card and reception card. When we refer to a “stationery ensemble,” we’re referring to those three items plus any other stationery items a couple may need for their wedding. Map cards, wedding programs and thank you cards are a few good examples.

Now let’s talk about a coordinated stationery ensemble versus a matching stationery ensemble. Basically, coordinating an ensemble means you are gathering different pieces of stationery which feature a common design element such as design theme, design color, paper color, etc. A matching ensemble means every piece of stationery features the same design. There are pros and cons to each option. Take a look at the examples below to get an idea of which option matches your wedding style.

Coordinated Wedding Stationery Set
Your Wedding Stationery: Coordinated vs. Matching


  • Coordinated ensembles allow the couple more creative freedom to express their personalities. We’ve chosen the Signature Style Foil Invitation with various other pieces. (Links to all are provided below.)
  • Stationery pieces can be chosen and purchased at different times, which allows the couple more freedom to gather what they need when they need it.
  • The couple doesn’t have to worry about purchasing everything from the same place to ensure each piece matches perfectly.


  • Choosing several coordinating pieces takes more time and effort than choosing stationery pieces available with the same design.
  • An eye for color and design is helpful. Otherwise the process can become frustrating. Ask a friend or family member to help if needed.
  • Cost can quickly add up when you’re purchasing pieces separately. Know your stationery budget and keep an eye on what you’re spending.

Matching Wedding Stationery Set


  • Much less time and effort is needed when choosing matching wedding stationery. So easy!
  • Matching stationery pieces are instantly recognizable. Guests will admire your attention to detail from the ceremony to the reception to the thank you cards.
  • You can score better deals ordering all of your stationery at once. Many retailers offer flat discounts on the entire purchase, which means the more you buy the more you save. Check out Today’s Deals at Invitations by Dawn.


  • Couples have less room for creative expression when every piece features the same design.
  • Finding wedding invitations that are offered with a large amount of matching pieces can be difficult. The Ethereal Garden invitation shown here is a great example of an invitation with lots of matching pieces available.

You may find an invitation with a few matching pieces but not everything you want. That’s okay! Maybe all the stationery included with your wedding invitation matches and the items you choose for the ceremony and reception, like the wedding programs and custom napkins, simply coordinate with the invitation. You can do whatever your hearts desire. We just want you to know there are lots of options out there for you!

Stationery Shown: Hello Contempo Foil Save the DateSignature Style Foil Invitation, Hello Contempo Foil Program Fan, Modern Glow Foil Menu Card, Drunk on Love Cocktail Napkin, Watercolor Beginnings Thank You CardEthereal Garden invitation, Ethereal Garden Accommodations Card, Ethereal Garden Map Card, Ethereal Garden Program Fan, Ethereal Garden Menu Card, Ethereal Garden Beverage Napkin, Ethereal Garden Thank You Card