What happens when you put two show-stopping colors together? A wedding look that’s absolutely unforgettable! Copper shines its way onto center stage no matter where you put it and teal sets the tone for something gorgeous. Get ready to be inspired.

Color Crush: Copper and Teal

Copper Brilliance
Copper always has been and always will be a captivating color choice. Its industrial roots have become a sought after theme in today’s fashion so the more copper you can find the better! Hunt down a few items in your local thrift store and antique store to add to your reception tables like the copper pitcher shown here. Show this color off in the bridal party’s attire like the sparkling bridesmaid dresses we’ve highlighted. Let’s not forget the feather and floral bouquet with beautiful copper tones. Introduce your wedding colors right away with the perfect wedding invitations. We’ve chosen the Exquisite Penmanship Invitation from the Signature Collection featuring gold shimmer paper and metallic foil personalization. Gorgeous!

Teal Love
Teal is a bold color that will draw attention no matter where you place it. It looks gorgeous as a part of the bride’s gown and accessories or on the reception tables as linens or dinner napkins. Teal will get noticed so use it wisely throughout your wedding. If there is an area you don’t want to draw attention to, go light on the teal and create a more neutral look with shades of copper and light gold. However, when you want to make a statement you can use this color to its fullest potential!

Work it!
Copper and teal are both shining stars in the world of color. When combined tastefully, these colors will ensure your wedding is nothing less than extraordinary. Notice how we’ve chosen to use teal as a background color while inserting pops of copper to accentuate the look. This allows the copper elements to really shine in contrast to the teal blue. Remember that copper as a metal or a color catches light beautifully and you will want to work that into your decorations. The copper pitcher next to a few votive candles is a great example.\

Photo Credits: Table Setting: Kristyn Hogan via Elizabeth Anne Designs, Bride: Christine Meintjes via The Pretty Blog, Bridesmaids: Donna Morgan via Fab Mood, Cake: Mark Brooke Photography via Wedding Chicks, Groom: Mango Studios via Wedding Chicks, Bouquet: Chelsea Nicole via Style Me Pretty