We sat down with celebrity wedding planner, David Tutera, to get to know him a little better and to get the scoop on his favorite styles, trend predictions and more!

David Tutera: Talks Wedding Trends

First of all, we would love to know how you became a celebrity wedding planner!
“I worked for my grandfather’s floral shop at a very young age, learning the art of floral design from him. After opening up my own business at the age of 19, I continued to put my creative side to use designing my storefront window, which got me my first gig. Before I knew it, one event led to the next and I began to establish myself as a prominent wedding and event planner. My big break was getting a call from the Royal Family’s, Prince Charles, to plan an event for him and also being asked to work the Grammy party all in the same month! The rest, as they say, is history…”

When planning a wedding, do you prefer to work with a theme or a style?
“Not every wedding has to have an actual ‘theme” per say, but what I prefer to do is look at the couple and develop a wedding style through their personality. I like to take who they are and bring it out through the décor elements of the wedding. By doing that, I know that no two weddings are the same and are truly unique to each bride and groom.” 

What is your favorite wedding style and why?
“It’s hard to pinpoint one specific style, as a wedding style should be unique to each couple and its location, which plays a big role. Personally, I’m a fan of a traditional black-tie affair — it will never go out of style and is timeless and regal.” 

You’re known for staying on top of, even ahead of, today’s styles and trends. How did you decide what trends to feature in the David Tutera Wedding Invitation Collection?
“I base my inspiration off of many things — my clients, my travels, nature, pop culture and the latest high fashion on the runways. I take that and translate it into my designs, creating something that’s appealing to every personality, palette and style.” 

We’re seeing that rustic wedding invitations are still going strong. What are your favorite rustic design elements to work with?
“Burlap and lace are always so complementary of each other. I’m also a big fan of the use of wood grain designs like barn wood, driftwood and birch wood as well as the look of organic greenery.”

Boho floral wedding invitations are HUGE right now! Which design in your collection do you consider the epitome of boho?
“I would probably say my Prairie Floral Collection would be the epitome of Boho for me. When you think Boho, you think laid back, organic and unconventional, with a pop of whimsy. This collection to me perfectly embodies all of that with its informal approach, whimsical floral design and slight pop of color all printed on an organic looking kraft-colored paper.”

What are your wedding trend predictions for the rest of the year?
“I think we are going to see more greenery and natural elements at the forefront, taking the place of traditional floral in addition to metallic foil print and rose gold elements.” 

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  1. My name’s Alyssa Palmer I am a twenty year old female who always dreamed of a beautiful wedding. My fiance and I don’t have the money to have the wedding I’ve always wanted. I had a hard childhood and the one thing I always dreamed about was meeting the man of my dreams and spending the rest of my life with him and making a beautiful family of our own. I always watched David Tuteras weddings he plans and they are so beautiful. I wish I could have my dream wedding done by a great wonderful man who knows what he’s doing. I just wanted to have a wedding to remember. That’s all I wish for, I have the most wonderful man, I have a good life ahead of me and I need David Tuteras help with a wedding. I hope to hear back. Thank you!

    • Congratulations! We’re so happy you found a wonderful person to spend the rest of your life with. We sell wedding invitations by David Tutera but we are not a part of his wedding planning business. We suggest looking him up on Facebook and his team might respond to your request there. Good luck in your wedding planning!

  2. David is awesome! My fiance and I are getting married in 2018 and we are planning every little detail. We want the day to be absolutely perfect and are also going for a timeless event. Thanks, David!

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