There is no color as brilliant as yellow and no tone as captivating as gold! How could we resist putting these two hues together to create what might be one of our most BEAUTIFUL Color Crushes yet!
Color Crush: Yellow and Gold
See how it shines!
It’s difficult to say which color takes the spotlight in this color crush since both yellow and gold are real showstoppers! Put these two together and the future is bright. We started with one of our favorite (and brand new!) invitations, Hello Contempo. We love the simple typography format paired with a bright yellow belly band featuring polka dots in shimmering gold foil. Good luck finding a better fit for introducing your yellow and gold wedding theme! Check out gold wedding invitations and yellow wedding invitations to see what’s available.

Yellow Flowers Required
We feel obligated to HIGHLY encourage lots of gorgeous yellow flowers. Not only are they abundant (and there are many affordable varieties), they will be the single biggest pop of décor and color you will have throughout your wedding. If you have chosen yellow bridesmaid dresses and want to complement them with soft yellow and cream-colored flowers in the bouquet, that’s a fabulous idea. However, throw some sunshine yellow flowers on the reception tables and revel in how it brightens the space.

A few gold nuggets…
A little bit of gold goes a long way in any setting and weddings are no different. Throw a few gold touches into the ceremony, reception and attire. We love the yellow gold groom’s tie with matching boutonniere shown here. The wedding cake combines modern gold and white chevron with bold yellow and white flowers in one gorgeous presentation. Don’t forget to order custom wedding napkins with real gold foil! You’re going to love how well personalized napkins complement your venue.

Photo Credits: Bride: TARA MCMULLEN via Grey Likes Weddings, Table Setting: Johnny Miller via Martha Stewart Weddings, Bridesmaids: Adrian Tuazon Photography via Style Me Pretty, Cake:Peter Frank Edwards via Beautiful Cake Pictures, Groom: via Don’t Catch a Falling Knife, Drink Recipe and Image: A Communal Table